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The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch Table was the greatest fun to do. Each theme has its own set of challenges and this was no different. The Midas Touch was a playful nod to Greco-Roman mythology in which everything King Midas touched turned to gold. With this in mind, I was determined that every single surface – was Gold, and not just any Gold. The right shade of Gold was crucial in getting the maximum, ‘Fort Knox’ glow. White Gold, Gilt and paler shades of gold were out. Aztec and King Tut Gold was my aim with the true luster and appearance of metal. This proved to be impossible to achieve by spray-painting. Would that it were possible! The other challenge was that there’s NOT a lot of Gold in them thar’ hills! and there’s an actual scarcity of gold paraphernalia in the Wolverine State. The Michigan Midas Gold Rush was on!

Most of the items on the tabletop were scouted from a myriad of antique shops located, quite literally, all over Michigan! My wife showed commendable & saintly patience while I drove everywhere consumed by “Gold Fever”. For instance, the Bronze centerpiece vase was found in a charming antique store in Marshall, Michigan. It was refinished the precise red-gold shade I wanted and the motif of the feminine form and twining trellis perfectly fit my classical theme.

Another antique store find was the knight keeping guard of the diners. Here, I used considerable artistic license and had King Midas live till the age of Methuselah in medieval times. It could even be said that the knight could be one of the King’s hapless guests in his Be-careful-what-you-wish-for quest!

Once the antique stores were thoroughly plundered, I turned to creating my own custom pieces for my table. I had all of the plates custom-glazed the specific shade I wanted. Next, I had the ‘Cloth of Gold’ tablecloth custom-made, using lavish amounts of fabric. The horizontal band of gold along the top is the approximate width of a standard bar of gold bullion, a fun touch!
The gold roses contained within the beautiful antique vase centerpiece were hand-forged pieces of fine metal sculpture. Each petal, nub and fold was made…by elves, of course! The individual roses were silk flowers painted to look like gold.

I think the lesson I learned is the importance of keeping the theme consistent down to the minutest detail, whatever one’s theme is. The goal is to keep it authentic. While the journey was not easy, the resulting Midas Touch Table was worth the effort because of its incredible WOW affect. The process was fun, and I learned a lot along the way. Have fun creating a Midas Touch Table of your own.

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(Photography by Sean Carter Photography)