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The Club Lounge


All too soon, it seems, the two of you are alone in the house. You’ve come a long way from baby steps to play dates, soccer runs to sleepovers, through SAT’s and teen angst. You’ve moved beyond business entertaining and keeping up with the neighbors. Over the years, the old family room served its purpose well. Function, durability, and practicality took precedence over a more personal aesthetic. But now there’s no need to consult or impress anyone but you!

Welcome to The Club Lounge-The New Family Room. A room that can be whatever you want or need it to be. An intimate space that’s made for two yet can expand to welcome others. Here you can have a cozy dinner for two, curl up with a good book, finally get to that pile of glossy new magazines, catch up on your favorite T.V. shows, have a friendly game of cards, or just sit in meditative silence.

The Club Lounge is an indulgent reflection of your world, filled with cherished objects representing your tastes and reflecting your travels in the larger world outside. Where once it was play dates, your fine antiques now come out to play. The Club Lounge is a way to reacquaint you with yourself and to reconnect with your soul mate all over again.

Imagine the possibilities….



Each design vignette began life as an empty and stark space. A room completely bare of everything save a wooden floor and drab beige walls, this was a blank canvas on which Lee worked his design magic.

Showcased at the prestigious Judy Frankel Antiques in Troy, Michigan, designers were asked to incorporate the in-house antiques as much as possible in their vignettes. Lee chose to offer his new take on the traditional family room. This is not your parents’ family room. Rather, The Club Lounge is a vision of comfort for an older couple post-children, post-career and now able to design a warm and relaxing haven according to their own tastes.

Cleverly divided into separate yet cohesive sections, here is a room that two people can be in, yet have their own space simultaneously. Ingeniously paneled by Lee in faux wood walls and ceiling, the room’s rich colors and smart Deco-inspired mood were redolent of utter relaxation and privacy. The walls glowed with art from this fictitious couples’ extensive travel. A game table set for two beckoned and a black lacquered console bar held various decanters filled with jewel-hued libations to be enjoyed. A flat-screen T.V. made this room beautiful and functional in the real world, making it less ‘precious’ and more accessible. Lee showcased the importance of lighting in this room, demonstrating how layered lighting is vital to mood and atmosphere.

Lee’s goal with The Club Lounge was to create a room that was a complete, livable space and some would argue that Lee succeeded in his vision all too well! The room was such a complete picture of detailed comfort that many people remain convinced to this day that the paneling and faux finishes were already there to begin with! The team at Jean-Gilles Design knew they had a winner. The people came. They saw. They sat. They never wanted to leave….

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(Photography by Jeff Selser)