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Diamond Jubilee Table

Designer Lee Jean-Gilles created the Diamond Jubilee Table for the Table Tops Luncheon Benefit, a fundraiser for the Detroit Chapter of the children’s charity, Variety. Lee’s inspiration for this design was that he imagined being commissioned by Buckingham Palace to create the table for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. He wanted to give the guests the experience of dining like royalty.

The crowning glory of the table was an over the top interpretation of the Imperial Crown which sparkled with over 200 crystals and rested on a bed of roses, symbolizing the royal red cushion upon which the regal crown was presented at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

After a sumptuous meal, each diner received a parting gift of a silver-wrapped chocolate bar and their own vintage program of the coronation celebration from 1953. Diamond Jubilee was truly a royal affair for all who attended.

See photos of the Diamond Jubilee Table:
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