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Designer Vignettes

On several occasions, Lee has been invited to participate in designer showcases. These events are usually hosted by professional or charity organizations. At these showcases, designers can show their work to a wider audience, compete in a lighthearted way with their fellow designers and give rein to their imagination, all within the parameters of the event’s theme, if any.

Lee’s vignettes and table tops have been vastly different in theme and execution. The only common thread running through them is total originality, a propensity to think and design outside the creative box and an exacting eye for the minutiae that ends up being the all-important finishing touch. They require a lot of thought and work, but vignettes afford designers like Lee a way of flexing their creative muscle in unexpected ways and often for worthy causes.

Here are some highlights of Lee’s vignettes and table tops:


Dining with Zen is an original design concept conceived by Lee Jean-Gilles for the third annual Celebrations event at the Michigan Design Center in Troy. Inspired by ideas and experiences he had while living in Japan, Lee wanted to create a fresh, innovative look for a contemporary, Asian dinner party. To experience Dining with Zen, click here.



Showcased at the prestigious Judy Frankel Antiques in Troy, Michigan, Lee chose to offer his new take on the traditional family room. The Club Lounge is not your parents’ family room, but rather a vision of comfort for an older couple post-children, post-career and now able to design a warm and relaxing haven according to their own tastes. Visit The Club Lounge.



Designer Lee Jean-Gilles created the Diamond Jubilee Table for the Table Tops Luncheon Benefit, a fundraiser for the Detroit Chapter of the children’s charity, Variety. Lee’s inspiration for this design was that he imagined being commissioned by Buckingham Palace to create the table for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. He wanted to give the guests the experience of dining like royalty. Celebrate with us at the Diamond Jubilee.



Lee was invited to create this table for the Annual Asia Society Gala Dinner held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Inspired by the party’s theme of 1930’s Shanghai Nights, Lee’s Asia Society Table stunned its diners with mirrored towers of candles and vibrant and exotic flowers. To view Lee’s amazing table, click here.



Take a seat for Jean-Gilles Design’s elegantly-playful look at Gold’s enduring and ancient fascination. Designed for Variety’s 2013 Table Tops Luncheon Benefit, each setting illustrates how this mesmerizing metal has woven its gleaming way into our language and frames of reference. Enjoy designer Lee Jean-Gilles’ original, distinctive brand of alchemy and his ‘Tongue-in-Chic’ take on Gold’s perennial glamour and mystique. To view The Midas Touch, click here