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“I didn’t know how or where to begin the much needed change I wanted for my small kitchen space. It was important for this room to be unique and timeless at the same time. I contacted Lee Jean-Gilles at Pierre Paul to begin the conversation. I had always been beyond pleased with the pictures Lee had framed throughout my home. It was now time to tap into his rare blend of creativity, design knowledge, and talent to lend a helping hand with my kitchen space. It didn’t take long for me to discover that Lee would be the best person to help me make what became an infinite number of right and stunning decisions. I have tried to understand how he is able to capture a vision the home owner could only imagine and then make it become reality. I have tried to understand how he is able to capture the essence of the homeowner throughout a space. Perhaps, it’s as simple as his ability to truly listen with his heart, mind, and soul. He is all about creating spaces his clients will love. Yes, my new kitchen space is small but now the impact is huge! What a joyful journey!”

-Ruth Stielstra


“About 6 years ago, my wife Anne and I decided to have a large European style home built for us – specifically a Gustavian style manor. We wanted to capture the light that Gustavian architecture allows inside and, at the same time, go directly to its French roots as we best saw fit. We were very fortunate in finding a supremely talented designer in Lee Jean-Gilles to help us accomplish a pretty difficult task. Lee has had a major say in virtually all interior design and most of the art work for the house. He had a major role in landscaping as well. We have benefitted enormously from his work and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anybody who is looking for rare insight and the highest quality design work the Ann Arbor greater area has to offer.”

-Claes Fornell, The Donald C. Cook Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at The University of Michigan and Chairman of CFI Group, Foresee, and the American Customer Satisfaction Index, LLC.


“Lee transformed our house into a home! Looking nice is one thing, having the beauty in addition to the practical workings of daily life, is so astonishingly key to quality of life! Lee has an encyclopedic knowledge of architecture and all things art. A wonderful personality allows him to analyze your routine and needs in order to transform your surroundings to the colors, textures and style of you, the client. Uniquely talented and resourceful, Lee possesses a refreshingly intelligent approach to the “re-do” . He will always have our warm friendship.”

- J & G


“As a self-proclaimed “dying romantic;” I’ve longed for the day to meet the man who “gets me!” In December 2009, as I entered my redesigned bedroom, I thought (to myself) “AT LAST, my love has come along!”

What was so astonishing about my new room was that I had not suggested one fabric, design element or paint swatch. Yet designer Lee Jean-Gilles created a space for me, that my heart loves.

My bedroom honors me and with the warm shades of gold, red and brown, it uplifts me. After a long day at the office, it comforts me and provides a simplicity that declutters the challenges and issues (of the day).

Quite often people will express (to me) that they like being in my presence because of my warmth, positive energy and generous spirit. I smile because, little do they know, I have become a product of my environment!”

- Dana R. Rowry